melody maker & slapback

Kira Saenger

I'm just a small town girl with large music dreams. I've been singing since I was 5 year old and performing since I was about 13 years old.  At a young age my parents put me in singing lessons, because they knew I had talent, but definitely needed some vocal work. Music is my passion and it is my dream to one day do it as a career. 

About four years ago Peter Thorne and I met through music and connected immediately.  Peter become a mentor to me and we started to practice to become a Duo named MELODY MAKER. We have done many gigs around the community of 100 Mile House and Kamloops over the past four years. The Duo had to work hard to find "our sound" and now we has got it!  We still continue to work hard and put in countless hours to ensure that we sound as good as we possibly can! 

I am enrolled in Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops in September 2018 to become an Educational Assistant teaching Music. 

Peter Thorne

Peter Thorne has lived in the 100 Mile House area most his whole life minus all the years that he spent on the road in his 20's and 30's traveling as a musician in many different bands.  Eventually he settled into cabinet making, but now in his spare time he is making hand-crafted "cigar box" guitars.  Today Peter, who is an avid member of Cigar Box Nation.  


Peter has also been a professional Guitar Teacher for over 25 years and current is teaching 20 student every week. 

He is the producer and musician for Duo – Melody Maker plus a Solo Act – Peter J Thorne.