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 slapback music & thorne studios


Slapback Music /Thorne Studios are delighted to receive from the BC government the Small Business Recovery grant which will help our business grow fully into the future! Follow us to keep in touch with all the new changes.

Peter has always sought to achieve and maintain a high level of expertise in his music career.  Together with his wife and business partner – Gail Thorne – they successfully run SlapBack Music Production - 100 Mile House’s music production company. The company is over 18 years old and has been involved in producing a talented roster of professional musicians and their original music. 


In the summer of 2005 – Peter Thorne attended an Electric Guitar Workshop - the workshop was run by Guitar Workshop Plus. They run the same program in both Toronto and in Vancouver at UBC over the summer. 


The workshop Peter chose to attend was “Rock Chops” – which was an advanced level rock-based electric guitar focusing on technique and music theory.  One of the most intriguing aspects to that particular workshop was the special guest artist – Joe Satriani – a world-renowned guitarist considered one of the best within the progressive jazz/rock approach to the electric guitar.


Coming from this experience – Peter has been inspired to look at his own approach to what he is doing musically within his instructional process. 


"I really thought that the workshop format – where there was a small group of people all there to learn something musically together – was a great approach to teaching other musicians. Especially for the more advanced musician.”

– Peter Thorne


The workshop is for intermediate to advanced guitar players & would run for six (6) weeks.  It would be for someone who wants to brush up on or receive more guidance on advance chords / scales and modes. The focus in SlapBack’s workshop would be to develop a groove with the electric guitar – using rhythm, accents and string bending techniques. The goal would be to learn and improve on personal techniques and lead soloing – ultimately, to inspire the guitar player.



To contact Peter, email –

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